Meals on board

Experienced sailors will all say in one voice that there is no need to be dismissive about this point, and they would be completely right. If you’re going on a yacht trip, buying food is part of the unique charter experience. A well fed crew is a happy crew!

If you’re going on a charter with family and friends, there are 2 basic options for arranging meals. Either in shifts, or you choose one person to be the main cook and the rest of them help out.

  • Check your preferences, food allergies, and dietary recommendations for your crew members. Then make a menu plan for the meals you plan to cook on the ship. Plan in advance where and when you want to visit local cafes and restaurants and refill your provisions. Consider the size of your refrigerator and freezer when planning your purchases. Having a list in hand (not in your mind) ensures that you won’t forget anything.
  • You’ll probably also need to buy paper towels, toilet paper, soap, dishwashing liquid, clothespins, and such. Keep in mind that on charter ships, there are rarely but little things like spices, salt and pepper on board. Check these in advance.
  • Many supermarkets and markets in charter locations usually offer delivery to the boat. Because of the heavy water and beverage bottles, it can be difficult to deliver them yourself. The process of delivering food to the yacht must be planned.
  • Put the meat or seafood you want to freeze in the freezer. Keep cheeses, meat platters, and snacks nearby in the
    refrigerator. It is better to buy sterilised milk, as it keeps well without a refrigerator. Bread is best stored in a dry and dark place, this will prevent mold. We also recommend special bread for sandwiches – it keeps longer!
  • Most vegetables are best stored in a dry box, while fruit can be placed on open shelves or hung in a small hammock or netting, inside or outside.
  • Dry snacks can be stored in easy-to-reach places because they are a convenient snack between the main meals.

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