Вопросы и ответы


How can I make a booking?
Which documents will I receive after the payment is done?
How and when do I get my booking confirmation and other documents?
How can I cancel my booking?
What is the check-in/check-out time?
Can I change the check-in/check-out time?
When should I fill in the crew list?
Is it possible to make changes to the crew list?
Can you advise me on sailing itinerary options?


How can I find out the amounts and dates of upcoming payments?
How can I find out how much I need to pay at the base?
How can I pay?
Can I pay in parts?
Can I pay with a credit card? If yes, are there any surcharges or transaction fees?
My payment is not going through, what should I do?
What currency should I use for making payments?
Can I split the payment between multiple payment methods (e.g., credit card and bank transfer)?
Can I request an invoice with specific details for accounting or reimbursement purposes?
Is travel insurance included in the payment or should I purchase it separately?
Will I be charged if I make changes to my booking?
Will I get a refund if I cancel?

Before charter

How does SEARADAR work?
How much does SEARADAR service cost?
Do I need a license to rent a boat?
How can I make a booking?
I am interested in a boat, how can I be sure that it is safe to book with you?
What documents should I provide for my booking?
How does the pricing of a booking work?
How do I pay for my booking?
Is fuel included in the price?
Do I need insurance?
Can I make a booking in a friends' or family members' name?
What if I need a skipper?
What if I need more staff? For example, a hostess or a chef?
When can I make changes to my booking?
Do you offer a cancellation insurance?
What additional expenses should I expect during my sailing trip?
Can you help me to book a marina?
Can I charter a yacht for regatta?
Can I rent a yacht for 1 day?
Can I take pets onboard?

During and after charter

How do I contact my base manager?
How do I know where my boat will be?
What if my flight is delayed?
What should I do if something happens to the boat during the charter?
I forgot something on the boat after the charter. How can I get it?
Where can I leave a review after the trip?

Additional services

I will need some extra services. Can I order it with SEARADAR?
I need a transfer, can you arrange it?
Can I change the transfer details?
I need an invitation for a visa, can you help with it?
How can I order a provision?
What is Free-Deposit Pack (FDP)? How can I buy it?
When to buy FDP
What damages are covered by FDP?
Can I use my discount voucher or Boatcoins (BC) to pay for something other than boat? What can be paid with my discount voucher?
Can I use my discount, voucher or Boatcoins to pay the second payment?
Can I combine 2 and more discounts?
What discounts do you have?
How can I use my voucher?
Is skipper and/or hostess included?
Why should I pay for the skipper's food?